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Product Names
· LFW3296
Product Properties
· One-component
· High solid content
· Fast curing speed
· Great gluing strength
· Excellent water resistance
· Excellent flexibility, easy to slice

Main Applications
· Sliced Veneer splicing 
· Sliced Veneer finger-jointing
LEFU One-component Adhesive For Gluing Wet Timber
This single-component adhesive is a liquefied state of polyurethane.
Used for gluing various wet wood or wet bamboo which moisture content over 30%.
Excellent for gluing high hardness and high density wet wood.
Suitable for both cold pressure systems and hot pressure systems.
Basis Polyurethane emulsion
Appearance Brown viscous liquid
Viscosity at 25°C [mPa.s] 200-2000
Solid Content [%] ≥85
Pressure [kg/c] 8-15
Coating Weight [g/] 200-250

Packing: 20kg/barrel, 25kg/barrel
Storage: Sealed storage in a dry and cool place
Shelf life: 9 months, in unopened original packaging

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