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Product Names
· MDF Rapid adhesive
Product Properties
· Two-part
· Instant setting
· Strong adhesion
· Easy operation
Main Applications
· MDF 45°rapid assembly 
· Bonding rubber, leather, metal and plastic
LEFU MDF Rapid Adhesive 

This adhesive is a two part, fast setting aerosol type adhesive, widely used in furniture, construction and decoration industries. It has ease & simple operation, saving users valuable time and increasing production efficiency.
· Provides high and fast adhesion (it takes only 10 seconds to bond)
· Suitable for assembly and repair of wood parts
· Can be used for bonding vertical surfaces
· Effective adhesion even rough surfaces
· Good adhesion on non-absorbable surfaces
· Efficient and low-cost process, bonding parts is perfect
Apply 2-3 drops cyanoacrylate adhesive to one of the clean surfaces and spary the activator to the other surface. Assemble and hold two pieces for at least 12 seconds and apply hand pressure. This product can not be used separately, it should be used only with the cyanoacrylate adhesive.
Keep away from the direct sunlight and avoid storing in temperatures above 40 ℃. Do not pierce, cut or throw into the fire even if the container is depleted

Packing: 100g Glue per Plastic Bottle for Part A, 400ml Spray Activator per Pressured Containe for Part B, 25 pairs/carton
Storage: Sealed storage in a dry and cool place
Shelf life: 12 months, in unopened original packaging

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